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Divorce Accountants in North NJ

North Jersey residents: There are three basic steps to getting a divorce.

First, you need to educate yourself. You can do this by speaking to friends and family that have been through it. Who better to give you an insider’s perspective than the people close to you? You can ask them what they did right and what they might have done differently if they had the chance.

The second step is to use the Internet to your advantage. You can search divorce in general, or do a search that is specific to the state you are living in. You can also even search family law for more general info. Next, go to a bookstore and browse through the “Divorce” section. It is good to get a mix of books for the emotional side of the process as well as the legal side (determining child custody, etc). Another tip is to make a plan, with a list of goals and a write-up of how you want to divide assets, debt, custody, etc.

The last step is to consult a divorce accountant in North New Jersey. Enter DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co, LLC.

This widely-recognized firm provides quality forensic services and investigative accounting if there appears to be any legal threats or litigation issues. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s define forensic accounting. This is known as an area of accounting that deals with actual or anticipated litigation threats. The word “forensic” indicates that this type of information can be used as evidence in court proceedings. This is what makes having a divorce accountant in North New Jersey so useful when going through a lawsuit.

Forensic Accountants in Divorce

There are a number of ways that having a forensic accountant can come in handy during a divorce. They can:

  1. Search for hidden assets and/or hidden income.
  2. Perform a business valuation.
  3. Calculate cash flow
  4. Assist your divorce attorney in finding information, preparing documents and preparing trial questions
  5. Testify in court
  6. Provide input and advice during the settlement proceedings

Having a forensic divorce accountant in North New Jersey working on your case, along with a divorce attorney, creates a stronger legal team, which better increases your chances of walking away from the divorce with your goals accomplished. While a divorce attorney may be an excellent negotiator, or particularly talented in uncovering a deceiving paper trail, the forensic accountant can document those findings in a way that will be admissible in court.

For more information, contact DiGabriele, McNulty, and Campanella & Co at 973-243-2600.

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