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Business Interruption

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Business Interruption - Forensic Accountants DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC’s comprehensive experience as forensic accountants enables our business advisors to handle many types of litigation and forensic accounting including business interruption, wage losses, economic damage calculations, business valuations, alternative dispute resolution, and fraud.

Business interruption refers to the loss of profit a business incurs after suffering some sort of disaster in which normal work cannot be performed. It can also refer to the extra amount of work that needs to be undertaken to make up for losses. In general this requires an insurance claim be made by the business or legal entity that is suffering from loss.

DMC works from both sides when we handle forensic accounting of litigation involving insurance claims of business interruption. If you are a business who is seeking a claim from your insurance company, we are happy to bring our years of experience in forensic accounting to deal with your claim. Likewise, we are also happy to deal with insurance companies who need to verify a loss claim. We work directly with the insured claimant to obtain sufficient and relevant supporting documentation for our analysis.

For more information about our forensic accounting, business interruption, and services related to the determination of damages and lost profits, contact DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co. LLC and speak to an accounting professional today.

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