Commercial Damages

At The DMC Group, we use a rigorous approach to calculate commercial damages. Our methods are tailored to address specific types of damages, such as loss of profits, erosion of goodwill, or diminution of business value. We use industry-leading techniques that are applicable to both publicly traded entities and closely-held businesses. Our team discerns the most suitable approach based on the nuances of the case, ensuring that our calculations not only stand up in court but also provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications of their litigation.

The Need for Commercial Damage Analysis

Calculating commercial damages is necessary when one party believes that they have incurred financial loss due to an event or action, and they seek compensation or restitution for the alleged harm. This could arise from breaches of contract, unfair business practices, negligence, or other disruptive events that affect a company's revenues or reputation. The goal is to determine the discrepancy between the actual financial position post-event and the projected position had the event not occurred, while balancing between accurate estimations and reasonable assumptions.

Shareholder Disputes

In shareholder disputes, accurately calculating commercial damages is essential to ensure fairness and equity. These disputes can arise from disagreements on company valuations, dividend distributions, or allegations of mismanagement, among other concerns. At The DMC Group, we take a meticulous approach to determine the extent of commercial damages in such cases. We focus primarily on "Lost Profits" as the measure of alleged damages, ensuring that all assessments are rooted in tangible and quantifiable financial impacts. It's essential to differentiate between short-term financial anomalies and sustained loss trends. Therefore, we emphasize data-driven methods. Our primary goal is to bring clarity to the financial implications of shareholder disagreements and offer a path to resolution that acknowledges the rights and concerns of all involved parties.

Fraud Examination

In the field of fraud investigation, it is crucial to assess the extent of commercial damages accurately to restore trust and ensure fairness. The DMC Group takes pride in its advanced and methodical approach to evaluating commercial damages caused by fraudulent activities. We utilize sophisticated forensic accounting techniques to detect discrepancies, trace hidden assets, and comprehend financial manipulations that might have taken place. Our primary objective is not only to identify fraud but also to assess the financial impact, guaranteeing that stakeholders receive adequate compensation for any losses incurred. With the DMC Group, clients can expect a comprehensive and transparent analysis, allowing them to make informed decisions towards resolution and recovery.


Breach of Contract

Experiencing breach of contract can have a significant impact on a business's financial health. In such cases, it is crucial to calculate the associated commercial damages to ensure rightful reimbursement. At The DMC Group, we specialize in providing a meticulous and transparent approach to this complex process. We focus on estimating the lost profits, diminished business goodwill, and reduced business value resulting from the breach, by understanding the specific nature of each contractual obligation and its subsequent implications. Our goal is to provide our clients with a precise calculation that accurately reflects the financial impact on their enterprise. You can trust The DMC Group to deliver a comprehensive and methodical assessment in breach of contract situations.

Business Interruption for Insurance Claims

Businesses that face unexpected events need to accurately calculate the commercial damages resulting from business interruption. This is crucial in order to recover lost revenue and maintain operations. The DMC Group provides an expert-driven approach to assessing these damages, particularly for insurance claims. We delve deep into the financial intricacies and incorporate forensic accounting techniques to ascertain the full extent of the loss. Our methodology not only factors in lost income but also the costs incurred to mitigate the effects of the disruption. This ensures that businesses receive a fair and comprehensive claim. We align our calculations with the requirements of business interruption insurance, making The DMC Group a reliable and consistent provider of damage assessments for your insurance claims.

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