Matrimonial Disputes

Financial transparency is crucial in resolving marital disputes fairly. However, the complexity of joint assets, liabilities, and intentional concealment of finances can often obscure the true financial picture. In such cases, forensic accounting comes to the rescue. The DMC Group  analyzes financial intricacies, providing clarity where there is ambiguity. Their expertise goes beyond simple financial analysis, as they can identify, trace and evaluate hidden assets to ensure that all assets are accounted for. By incorporating forensic accounting into marital dispute resolutions, The DMC Group ensures fairness and transparency, helping both parties to reach a mutual agreement. 

Expert Strategy

Dealing with the financial complexities of a divorce settlement can be overwhelming. It is crucial to have a competent team to help protect your best interests. We work closely with your attorney to develop strategies for your case and make sure all necessary documents are obtained. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis to achieve the most cost-effective results possible.

Asset Tracing

In marital disputes, asset tracing plays a crucial role in ensuring a fair and equitable division of property. The DMC Group recognizes the importance of this process, particularly when individual assets become intertwined with community or marital property. Through a detailed analysis, asset tracing retraces the steps of a series of financial transactions, providing clarity on the origins and evolution of assets. This can include proving the existence of an asset before the marriage, establishing its acquisition through means outside of the marital purview (such as gifts or inheritance), or discerning its growth over time. By leveraging asset tracing, The DMC Group aims to provide a clear financial picture, guaranteeing that each party retains their rightful possessions and promoting transparency and fairness in the resolution process.

Matrimonial Cash Flows

When it comes to divorce proceedings, understanding and analyzing the cash flows of a marriage is of utmost importance. At The DMC Group, we recognize that examining the financial dynamics of a marriage provides valuable insights into the living standards, responsibilities, and contributions of both parties. Thoroughly analyzing these cash flows, which include income sources, recurring expenses, savings, and investments, is the foundation for determining alimony, child support, and the division of assets and liabilities. As financial landscapes can differ significantly between the partners, it's crucial to obtain a clear picture of the combined and individual financial status. The DMC Group conducts examinations to shed light on these financial intricacies, ensuring that settlements are fair and reflect the genuine economic interplay during the marriage.


Business Valuation

Divorce proceedings can be complicated, especially when it comes to business valuation. This is particularly true if one or both parties are business owners or stakeholders. The DMC Group understands that a business is more than just a financial asset - it represents years of hard work, dedication, and vision. Therefore, valuing such entities requires a meticulous approach to ensure that the worth reflected is fair and accurate. When it comes to divorce, determining the business's value is crucial in achieving equitable asset division. The DMC Group combines financial analysis with market trends and forensic accounting methods to ensure that the business's valuation is comprehensive and transparent. This aids in smoother negotiations and settlements during divorce deliberations.

Lifestyle Analysis

In divorce proceedings, lifestyle analysis is a crucial tool used by The DMC Group to understand the couple's standard of living throughout their marriage. This analysis involves closely examining and documenting the couple's spending patterns, financial habits, and overall lifestyle. By conducting such a thorough assessment, it becomes easier to address important issues like alimony, child support, and the fair division of assets. This analysis ensures that financial settlements are based on fairness and maintain the accustomed standard of living for all parties involved. In addition, it helps legal counsel to create personalized strategies for each unique case, ensuring the well-being and financial security of clients during a challenging transitional phase.

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