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The DMC Group is a leading forensic accounting and valuation firm in New Jersey, providing unparalleled services nationwide. Our team of experts is highly sought after by both prosecuting and defending attorneys for their expertise in delivering unbiased and objective financial analysis that brings clarity to complex financial matters. Whether it's determining the value of a business or identifying compensation owed to a party in a contract dispute, our professionals provide expert financial analysis that drives the final court decision in our clients' favor. At The DMC Group, we specialize in providing investigative accounting services and expert litigation support, and our team of forensic accountants can conduct a thorough investigation to help clients resolve legal threats and litigations. With a proven track record of serving some of the world's largest insurance companies, we are the go-to firm for all your forensic accounting and valuation needs.

Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accounting is a branch of accounting that focuses on handling actual or potential legal disputes. The term "forensic" indicates that this type of accounting information can be used as evidence in court. Hence, forensic accounting is highly valuable in business or tax-related legal cases. We offer a range of forensic accounting services, including the following.

Economic Damages

Business Valuation


Forensic Economics

Commercial Damages

Tax Controversy

Our Approach

When it comes to determining an accurate and unbiased financial value for personal income, a business, or resolving a contract dispute fairly, it can be challenging due to varying emotions and outlooks of the stakeholders involved. However, in such situations, The DMC Group forensic accounting experts rely on a methodology that is objective and tailored to meet the specific needs of each case. This is coupled with in-depth financial analysis to establish a thoroughly researched opinion.

Forensic Accounting in Divorce Proceedings

In a recent legal case, a plaintiff was demanding payment from their ex-spouse for childcare expenses that they believed were not included in the divorce agreement. The DMC Group was contacted to provide forensic accounting expertise to investigate the expenses for which the party was seeking compensation. The financial experts at The DMC Group examined the finances of the defendant's recently started business to determine the owner's income for reward calculation purposes. This was done to assess if the childcare expenses were covered under the divorce agreement.

Business Valuation in Divorce Proceedings

As part of a divorce case, the court consulted with The DMC Group to determine the value of a company that was owned by one of the parties. Since there are multiple ways to evaluate a company, The DMC Group provided the court with three different methods of valuation and explained the reasoning behind its final calculations. This highlighted that the conclusions were reached on an impartial and objective basis.

Forensic Accounting in Contract Disputes.

The forensic accounting experts at The DMC Group provide an unbiased perspective when dealing with contract disputes. In a complicated case, a promoter of a multi-year concert series alleged that other promoters had not provided the agreed-upon compensation from a contract agreement. The DMC Group conducted an in-depth review of contracts, receipts, checks, and other financial documents covering four years of transactions between the parties to assess whether all parties had fulfilled their obligations under the contract terms. The DMC Group presented the final findings, along with copies of the documents, to the court's legal team for further review.


Our Findings

After conducting a thorough review of a case, The DMC Group's forensic accounting experts establish an unbiased methodology to provide a comprehensive investigation of all financial facts, documents, transactions, and agreements relevant to each case and the court's needs. In their findings for the marital and business disputes mentioned above, The DMC Group provided an oversight of their findings, a clear and precise explanation of their chosen methodology, and collected copies of all pertinent documents used in their calculations.

Findings in Child Support Dispute

In the child support dispute, The DMC Group determined the defendant's income based on the revenue, expenses, and overall profitability of his company. They pinpointed which expenses were not covered in the divorce agreement and remained pertinent to the case.

Findings in Business Valuation

Regarding the business valuation, The DMC Group relied on the most pertinent valuation methodology based on similar cases and valuations conducted in the past for similar purposes. 

Findings in Contract Dispute

In the promoter dispute, The DMC Group investigated the financial documents of several promoter stakeholders in the concert series over a four-year period. They concluded that the contract terms had not been met and recommended a precise amount the firm believed was owed to the plaintiff. 




When conflicts arise in business or interpersonal relationships and they end up in court, legal teams often require an impartial assessment of financial value.  When reaching conclusions, our services extend beyond analysis and reports. We are often called upon to provide expert testimonies in court.

Throughout the process, maintaining objectivity is paramount. Our conclusions are based solely on the data and evidence, irrespective of the interests of any parties involved.

Our services are designed to provide accurate, objective, and impartial assessments of financial value to legal teams. We are committed to maintaining integrity, professionalism, and objectivity in all our evaluations, ensuring that all parties' interests are considered fairly and accurately.


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