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Forensic Accountants Can Help Uncover Frauds

Forensic accounting in North NJ can be used for investigative services in cases where there may be a legal litigation.

According to the Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia, the definition of forensic is “relating to or dealing with the application of scientific knowledge to legal problems.” Forensic accountants are hired to uncover fraud and legal threats through the investigation of financial matters. They can help you with problems ranging from divorce issues to tax representations.

DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co. can provide you with a professional forensic accountant who can investigate financial matters and present it in the court of law. With 22 years of experience, our accounting professionals know exactly how and what to investigate to find useful information and discover frauds. Through forensic accounting in North New Jersey, we can provide you with financial knowledge that will be useful in protecting yourself from fraud and legal threats.

The forensic accountants at DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co. provide services for both individuals and businesses. To set up a consultation, call us at 973-243-2600.

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