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Forensic Economics

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As a nationally recognized forensic accounting firm, DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC provides in-depth forensic economic services for anyone with a perceived legal threat or litigation issue. Our forensic economic services are used by some of the world’s largest insurance firms. At DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC we have the skills and experience to solve any of your legal problems and specialize in those involving forensic economics.

What is Forensic Economics?

Forensic economics is the scientific study that applies economic schools of thought to any monetary losses or damages as indicated by law and legislation. The forensics economics “umbrella” covers topics such as:

  • Analyzing claims for evidence of damage liability
  • Utilizing forensic economic methods
  • Calculating economic damages in commercial and personal litigation

Our forensic economic services assist attorneys and insurance companies to place an economic value on loss of life, loss of limb, and business failures. We at DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC consult in personal injury, wrongful death, mediation and arbitration. Forensic economics in involves painstakingly detailed data analysis to properly resolve each case and identify who is to blame and to what extent.

At DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC, our forensic accountants consult and collaborate to analyze financial loss and witness testimony on economic damages. We help discover and uncover crucial pieces of data, research opposing claims and create clear and concise reports based on our research, as well as key testimony.

Whether it is an issue of personal injury damages, wrongful death suits, commercial loss, workplace discrimination or any other issues, DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC is here to help. Please contact our forensic accountants at 973-243-2600 if you would like more information on forensic economics at DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC. We look forward to hearing from you!

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